Visual Skin Ghost Ship

Visual Skin’s Ghost Ship is a 3D water projection artwork that first appeared during the 2014 Amsterdam Light Festival. Since then, it has set sail around Europe, making extended stops at Spotlight Bucharest and Berlin Leuchtet.


About The Ghost Ship

An unseen force raises water into the air and forms a mist – this is the first sign and it usually happens one hour after sunset. Soon after, a light shines within the mist and takes the shape of a 17th century ocean-going vessel.

The Ghost Ship hovers over a fixed spot, but seems to constantly roll and sway in the wind.

Defying reality, the apparition changes shape if viewed from different angles, morphing from bow to starboard.


The Ghost Ship In Amsterdam

The Ghost Ship was first conceived on-site, in Amsterdam, as a tribute to all 17th Century Dutch sail ships. It represented the very spirit of the Amsterdam, of the Batavia and of the Flying Dutchman. But it was also a respectful nod to all of the canal ships whose names never made it into the history books, but whose input to the Dutch economy and way of life was essential.

The installation was on display in Oosterdok, across from Scheepvaartmuseum’s Amsterdam replica. The technical solution for ALF included shipping containers and industrial pontoons.


The Ghost Ship In Bucharest

In Bucharest, the Ghost Ship was presented on the Dâmbovița, a river with a considerably higher flow than the Ij in Amsterdam. This prompted the creation of a new technical solution, custom made for Bucharest Spotlight.

As a result, the hardware footprint of the installation was reduced to a minimum, to the benefit of the overall holographic illusion.


The Ghost Ship In Berlin

Reederei Riedel decided to add the Ghost Ship to its fleet for the duration of Berlin Leuchtet.

The wide course of the River Spree in the East Side Gallery area allowed the Ghost Ship to achieve its full size.

Building on the optimised technical solution developed for Bucharest, the technical team added extra water pumps, resulting in the most powerful display to date.



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Mihai Baba
Creative Director