KEU at Spotlight Festival Bucharest 2016

KEU Social Media Post

What & Where:

We are very pleased that our installation KEU (Kaleidoscope Europe) is part of the 2016 edition of Spotlight Festival Bucharest.

KEU can be visited between 5-8 May at 19 Calea Victoriei, Bucharest.

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About KEU:

KEU (Kaleidoscope Europe) is a large inverted kaleidoscope that is operated by three persons – or by the wind. It is an urban toy that always has something new to show, however many times you play with it. It is also an instrument for visualizing the European “unity in diversity” mantra.

Friendship through play, evolution through mobility. Get up close, grab the handles, ask strangers to grab the other handles and rotate the kaleidoscope together! Otherwise, just sit around and enjoy the European Dream.

KEU came to life for the 2015 edition of Amsterdam Light Festival and can now be viewed in Bucharest, at Spotlight 2016.